Our latest mobile application, NexForm, is designed for easy and accurate data collection on the go using a smartphone or a tablet. The application eliminates the need for manual data entry and offers a powerful solution to collect and manage data in a fully paperless manner.

What is Mobile Data Collection Software?

With the introduction of advanced scanning devices and software, more and more companies are moving towards paperless system. They are working actively on scanning their paper documents and converting the old records for digital record management systems. But they also need to adopt a system through which new data can be recorded in a digital format and need not to be converted later on. And that’s where NexForm comes in.

NexForm is a mobile data collection application that integrates mobile forms in your existing architecture and promotes paperless recording to new information. With NexForm, the users can enter data in offline or online mode, upload it, and synchronize it to the backend system for review and storage. NexForm seamlessly weaves into your existing data flow with its native mobile compiler that translates data into XML format.

How Your Business Can Benefit From NexForm?

Using present-day mobile technologies for mobile and paperless data collection offers a great opportunity to organizations to gather real-time information and improve their productivity and profitability. We provide adaptable, enterprise-level software for mobile data collection in the form of NexForm. The software offers following key benefits:

Increased Productivity Enhance the mobility of your staff by providing real-time access to centralized data stores anywhere, at anytime through a mobile device.

Replace Paper  Get rid of the cost spent on the storage and management of large volumes of paper records.

Integrated Work ProcessesThe software can be integrated with backend workflow system, allowing more efficient data collection and reduced redundancy.                    

Enhanced Features Collect data, pictures, signatures, location information, and more using a mobile device.

Why Choose Nexify’s Mobile Data Collection Solution?

We have an extensive experience of delivering enterprise-level mobile and web-based applications. We believe in providing unique features in every application that can help organizations manage their data in a sustainable and efficient manner. NexForm is a mobile data collection application that shows our passion to deliver responsible products and solutions only.

Your data will be kept secured on NexForm. Enjoy advanced features of NexApps, another product from Nexify, and feel assured with fully secured system of data access and data collection.

Benefit from our knowledge and experience of serving diverse business productivity solutions. Our team has the skill and knowledge of mobile app development, GIS, Business Intelligence and Analytics, etc.

Let us eliminate the hassle associated with paperwork for your organization. Get the data you need at one central location right away in a paperless format. To know more about NexForm, contact us at (852) 2152 3260.

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