Document and Records Management Solution

Nexify, a team of seasoned IT professionals, helps you digitalize your corporate records and store them in a secure, easily retrievable, digital archive. With the cost-effective and efficient Electronic Document and Records Management services provided by our team, you can reduce the cost spent on record management and accelerate your business processes using technology.

What is Electronic Document and Records Management System?

Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) is a full-service solution for the digitalization, storage, and disposal of corporate data. It is an integrated set of technologies that helps businesses in managing their crucial corporate data throughout its lifecycle and ensures easy and quick retrieval of valuable information.         

EDRMS helps businesses in mitigating risks by managing corporate information and documents. From the moment a document is created, to long-term document storage and data recycling and disposal, EDRMS helps businesses manage the corporate data at every stage of its lifecycle.

How Record Management Solution Can Benefit Your Business?       

We offer efficient and effective records management services to help businesses meet their operational and corporate goals. We help youimprove your business’s efficiency by allowing youa timely access to useful corporate data with EDRMS.Our team ensures thatyou meet legal retention requirements and avoid unnecessary risks, fines, and unsuccessful audits by helping you successfully adapt document and records management solutions.

In addition to helping businesses extract more value out of their corporate data, EDRMS also saves the cost spent on managing and securing growing volumes of information. No matter the size and nature ofyour business, our document and records management solutions can keep your data organized, secured, and accessible, and leave a dramatic impact on your business growth and efficiency.

Why Choose Nexify Record Management Solution?

Our consultants have worked with numerous businesses and helped them in digitalizing their data.Nexify has established a reputation in the local industry for providing the most efficient and effective business management and productivity services.

We have been helping business managers in ensuring compliance with laws related to data storage, retention, retrieval, and disposal for more than 10 years.

We have successfully implemented Records Management Systems for the HKSAR government and Enterprise Information Management Systems for various businesses.

Enhanced efficiency through faster and easier access to crucial corporate data while ensuring compliance with government compliance and security guidelines.

Our familiarity with the world recognized software such as EMC Documentum, IBM Filenet, and Opentext allows us to provide world-class, high quality document and record management services.

Our experienced team provides technologically advanced document and records management services customized to meet unique organizational goals and challenges. If you would like to leverage the power of our document and record management solutions, you can call us at (852) 2152 3260. Talk to our experts and find an optimal record management service provider to drive your company forward.