Geographic Information System (GIS)

We provide first-class Geographic Information System (GIS) consulting services to companies across multiple domain areas to promote business efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and risk mitigation. We have resources, experience, and in-depth knowledge to make sure that your staff uses GIS technology effectively and in a way that is in-line with your business goals and challenges.

What is Geographic Information System (GIS)?

In recent years, organizations have shown growing interest in the economic and business value of GIS. It is a computer program that allows enterprises to visualize, analyze, question, and interpret data to identify relationships, trends, and patterns. It combines business data with geographic analysis to offer a wealth of information.                                 

Government department and private organization, especially the mining and energy sectors use GIS technology to identify patterns and make informed business decisions on the basis of extracted information.

Why Use Nexify’s GIS Consulting Services?

Our GIS consultants have extensive experience in all phases of GIS life-cycle. We understand the issues regarding GIS mapping and offer valuable insight on GIS applications. Our GIS consulting services are based on a deep knowledge of all business requirements and vague nuances of business operations. Our motivated GIS consultants explore new concepts and solutions to help you win an edge and ensure success for your business.

We offer customized GIS consulting services that match your unique business needs and vision.

With extensive experience of providing consulting services to public and private sectors, Our aim is to exceed your expectations while meeting your budget.

We works in close collaboration with various map engines such as Google map, Tong map, RoadGuide, and ESRI.

We are the sole agent of Tong Map.


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