NexChat - Enterprise Instant Messaging & Collaboration App

NexChat is the social business tool your business requires to work in collaboration with its customers, colleagues, and partners. Nexify has developed this enterprise instant messaging and collaboration application that helps businesses improve their productivity by delivering the best collaboration tools in a single package.

Finding a secure enterprise IM app is not an easy task. Using common IM apps such as WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, etc. provides business with a cost-effective business communication tool, but these apps do not use strong encryption and are vulnerable to data theft attacks. NexChat provides a viable solution to all businesses that promote BYOD communication by offering them a securing enterprise IM platform.

What is Enterprise Instant Messaging & Collaboration App?

Enterprise instant messaging and collaboration apps combine the power of social networking, content creation, and real-time communication to quickly connect employees, customers, and clients with the people, content, and resources they require to get the work done quickly.

In addition to this, enterprise instant messaging and collaboration apps provide enhanced security features to ensure secure corporate data transfer among employees.

NexChat – Nexify’s Enterprise Instant Messaging & Collaboration App

Our team of skilled IT professionals has designed this enterprise-own instant messaging and collaboration solution, called NexChat that promotes secure business data transfer. While protecting confidential corporate data, NexChat ensures that your employees’ personal data is kept separate from your corporate data to provide added security and privacy.

NexChat offers several collaboration features such as document sharing, whiteboards, location sharing, etc., to help your business become more productive, innovative, and competitive.

Why Choose NexChat?

NexChat provides a cohesive and robust communication and collaboration network that offers unique benefits to the business and the end-users.

Key Benefits for End-Users

 Keep corporate data separated from your personal data such as contacts, apps, and messages

 Receive instant notifications and alerts

 Instantly communicate and collaborate with team members and share text messages, documents, and multimedia content.

 Instantly access corporate contact list to know real-time availability of team members

 Real-time discussion and collaboration with whiteboards

 Access conversation history from anywhere with your mobile or tablet.

 Easy-to-use dashboard for managing multiple conversations    

 Open documents in the native viewer with extensible annotation features          

Key Benefits for Enterprise

 On-premises application for easy and fast on-premise deployment

 Enhanced control over who can access your corporate data. Assign privileges to limit or maximize their control to crucial data.  

 Keep everything in one place. Easily access conversation history and shared data with centralized storage feature.

 Enhance security of your corporate data by preventing certain functions such as cut, copy, paste, etc.

 Enhance end-to-end business collaboration and workflow with seamless integration of enterprise apps on NexApps

  Eliminate the need of VPN with secure data transfer tunnels

Extensible Features

 Single Sign-on (SSO) with multi-factor authentication.

Why Work With Nexify?

We have tried to reinvent the process of how people work together with the introduction of NexChat. The one-of-its-kind enterprise instant messaging and collaboration application provides a single location where employees can access the people, content, and resources to complete their work.        

NexChat provides a secure online environment where employees can exchange corporate information with each other and get full visibility of every stage of project. Use NexChat to let your employees collaborate on projects simply and efficiently.

Keep everybody and everything in your company synced with NexChat. To know more about the product, contact us at (852) 2152 3260.

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